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Yom Ha'atzmaut Festive Meal Program Kit

מעבר לדף בעברית

We are delighted to share our Yom Ha'atzmaut Hagadah with you, to be used at your festive meal.

The Hagadah will take you through a full educational active program for the Yom Ha’atzmaut festive meal. During the meal, you will enjoy: videos, quizzes, songs, games, reading clips, texts for discussion in depth, and many more interactive experiences. (The Hagadah comes in two file options: one for printing and one for digital screening).

We have added a decorative table runner for printing. With the runner on the table, all the participants can scan the bar-codes and enjoy the whole event together.
We also added Israeli recipes for a delicious Israeli experience.

Enjoy and then send comments and feedback.

Happy Yom Ha’azmaut,
Ilan Frydman

Table Setup:
Table Setup


Download the complete Haggadah:
Printable Version         Presentation Version



Download the Table Runner in printable version


Download the Declaration of Independence

Download the Map of Israel

Download the Recipe Book

Download a siddur for Yom HaAtamaut

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