Café Dillema - Hadracha

to get the chanichim to think about some of the problems and issues hadracha faces them with; get a peula done with a party (pizza, cookies, drinks, hot cocoa, whatever)

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Play / skit

Hanna Zelda Skit

A fun skit that rhymes about eating latkes

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All Together Now- Arba Minim

Goals: To teach the chanichim that

1. Every person has something special and different to contribute to the Klal.

2. Achdut means bringing different people together for a common goal.

3. This is the message of the Arba Minim

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Lifnei Iver

Explore the idea of Lifnei Iver and how it applies to us

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Goal: The Chanichim will come to see that happiness is not something that can be bought and not something that you can fake. Simcha isn't about achievement and isn't about being who you're not. Happiness is something that comes from within and sometimes we have to look deep inside to find it.

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