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About Photographers And Madrijim


El fotografo debe pensar bien antes de fotografiar, porque después de presionar el boton no puede volver atrás.

El Madrij debe pensar antes de hacer o decir una palabra, quizas pueda causar un mal que no tenga arreglo.

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Family Learning - Aliya\ Abraham

To learn together about Aliya. in this pages- about Abraham Avinu. How did Abraham leave him family and him homeland and went to a new land?! We learn from Abraham to trust and believe in ה' . When ה' says to Abraham to go to Eretz Israel. He does not ask any questions. He takes everything he owns and starts out walking to the Promised Land –that is how Abraham become the firs new immigrant to come to the Land of Israel. Abraham is our Father and we walk in his footsteps and we return to the Land of Israel. The land that ה' promised to Abraham and to all the Jews

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Israel Our Only Place

העמקת הקשר לזכרון השואה תוך כדי חוויה אישית

          הבנה שאין לעמ"י אף מקום פרט לא"י

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