דגש על הצניעות, כבוד עצמי ואיך אנשים אחרים מגיבים אליך בהתאם לצורת הלבוש שלך

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Object: To get the Chanichim to realize that Halacha and Kaballah are not two polar opposites but they both work together to create the bigger picture of practicing Judaism. This is how we can approach a place like Tzefat which is so well known for both its Halachik and Kabalistic giants.

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Aliya From Yemen

Show how absorption into

Israel is not always simple

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Simcha From The Mekorot

Goals: In this peulah we will try to talk about Simcha and what it really means to us.

Are there reasons for our happiness or for us thinking that we are happy?

How can we make the pressure for happiness less stressful?

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