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Para Aduma

To teach about Para Aduma

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פעולת סיור דמיוני בירושלים


לחבר את החניכים לדברים מיוחדים בירושלים

לגרום לחניכים לרצות להגיע לירושלים

להכיר אתרים מיוחדים בירושלים

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Or Lagoyim- “a Light To The Nations”


To begin to teach the meaning of the term Or lagoyim= the Jewish people as a nation have an obligation to act together in a way that presents the positive lessons of Judaism such as compassion, justice and charity (the qualities we learn from Avraham Avinu and sefer bresihit). We do this so that to make the world a better placeTo teach the chanichim/ot that by working together as a group (as a nation) one can have a greater influence and impact than by acting alone.

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