Gidon And Leadership

Goal: Through the story of Gidon, the chanichim will discuss the issues of:

When its acceptable for a leader to step down.

Striking a balance as a leader between helping the community and taking time for yourself.

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Galout /geula

Le message à transmettre :

Apprendre à regarder les similitudes entre la גלות מצרים et notre גלות. A partir de la גאולה de פסח nous pouvons apprécier et regarder le début du retour à ציון.

But : Montrer aux חניכים le parallèle entre l’exil d’Egypte  et celui d’aujourd’hui.

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Rosh Hashana-english & Hebrew

מצגת לראש השנה על מהו ראש השנה ועל המנהגים

A PPT about Rosh Hashanna & it's customs

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Suggestions For Leadership Training Course

How do you become a good madrich?

How do you turn into an activist?

You will soon found out…

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