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Intro To Bnei Akiva

Goals: Introduce the chanichim to Bnei Akiva –what the tnua is, what it stands for, etc. Through a combination of different kinds of games, we will acquaint the chanichim with various important aspects of Bnei Akiva, which will help them understand more of what we’re all about and help them to become better chaverim in our tnua. There are many peulot here, so it is possible to pick and choose which will be best, or even cover this material in two weeks.

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What Is A Chalutz


To define the historical role of the "chalutz" (pioneer) in the rebuilding of Eretz Yisrael and to discuss the new focus and  character required of the Jews returning to the Land of Israel, as personified in the chalutz.

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Hakamat Hamedina - Ma'apilim

Explain that before the State of Israel, Jews had to smuggled into

Israel. Emphasize the desire of the Jews for a homeland, and the effort it took to achieve.

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Short Article
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