Ideas For Activities- Starting The Year And C...

All ages should have a chance to: get to know their Shevet and their Madrichim, hear what the plans for the year are and have a fun event so that they will want to come back for more.

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Hamedina- Tzahal- Idf

Goals: Review some of the basic parts of the Israeli Army; Stress the impact that Tzahal has on every Jew.


1. Games: Relate to the Army

Story: Battletime Bar Mitzvah how the army affects the citizens of


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Short Article
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Snakes And Ladders: Israel Is Alive And Well ...

This booklet is a suggestion for a short activity that is aimed for gaining basic information about Israel. We chose three of the themes that will appear in the game.

Preparing the students for the activity is very important. Playing the game will be easier and much more fun when the students know what they are asked about

You can add some more activities or give your students a brief explanation about the other subjects in the game. Which are

1. Israel wining Olympic medals.

2. Famous people in Israel, such as prime minister Ariel Sharon, David BenGurion

3. The wars in Israel.

4. Operation Entebbe

5. Israelis and the Olympic games in Munich 1977

Good luck!!!!!!

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