Introduction To Leadership

to talk to the chanichim about their leadership; to show them that it’s coming, right around the corner, and there are a couple of things they should be aware of (making it an introduction to the program).

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Modern Orthodoxy


Ø  To learn that Avraham was the first modern orthodox jew

Ø  To learn what modern orthodoxy is

Ø  To realise that the we might differ from the charedi world but that doesn’t mean we don’t get on with them

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Activity For Yom Yerushalaim

The goals

The Chanichim will get more knowledge about

Jerusalem, as places, people

The Chanichim will understand the importance of the KOTEL (the last part of our temple) they will understand that this is the place that we feel closer to G-d

The Chanichim will understand the importance of 

Jerusalem and it  spiritual specialty.

 The Chanichim will understand what the special day for

Jerusalem mean.

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