Shabbat Ve Nahafochu Ideas

Here are a few ideas that can make your Shabbat special. You can choose to do them all or just take a few that look like they would be good in your snif.

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Lag Ba'omer- Customs


- היכרות עם המנהגים הנהוגים בחג, ונעמוד על משמעותם ומקורם.

- ברור משמעות המנהגים ומקורם.

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Short Article

Plaidoyer Pour Ma Terre

Le plaidoyer de Herbert Pagani du 11 nov 1975

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Quiz Tou Bishvat

quizz tou bishvat

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Ehud Ben Gera

Goals: The chanichim should see Ehud Ben Gera’s strengths as a leader, in how he used creative measures to save Am Israel, and how he used his own weaknesses to his advantage in battle.

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