Nights Ideas

Nights ideas (Good for machanot )

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Chanukah Jeopardy 1

A PTT about Chanukah's Halacha etc in a Jeopardy game.

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The Shoftim Cycle


The chanichim should understand the different stages of the Shoftim cycle and how it differs from the system of Melucha-Galut.

The chanichim should understand the general structure of Sefer Shoftim and how it is in a downhill spiral.

Intro: In our last shiur we saw how Am Israel failed to fulfill their mission by Yehoshua and left a lot of the land unconquered. Then the Malach came to them in the beginning of Perek Bet to yell at them for not fulfilling their job, and not taking initiative to conquer the rest of the land.

Now we move onto a 2nd problem which is a direct consequence of Bnei

Israel not taking initiative to conquer the land. There are now many, many avodah zara worshipping members of the 7 nations hanging out around Jewish towns in Eretz

Israel.  They start influencing Bnei

Israel to do Avodah Zara as well.

(Feel free to get into a discussion here about peer pressure, when are we influenced by our environments and when not, how do you balance being in an environment where people around you have different values {public school, secular college, a rougher chevra}  and maintaining your values and individuality…etc).

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Short Article

The Planter Prayer

אבינו שבשמים בונה ציון וירושלים- ומכונן מלכות ישראל.

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Dirt & Beauty

הסדנא חולקה לשני חלקים, "סור מרע, ועשה טוב".

החלק הראשון עסק בגורמים לבעיית הלכלוך וההשחתה. ואילו החלק השני עסק בהכרת היופי כערך, חשיבות המודעות לנושא, והצעת פתרונות מעשיים. בנוסף למתודות ולפעילויות בהן השתמשנו בסדנא, סיכמנו למענכם רעיונות נוספים

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Marking 40 to Jerusalem kit
Marking 40 to Jerusalem kit
A kit to mark 40 years to Jerusalem. Include- Peulot, presentations, videos, Divrey Torah, etc., in Hebrew and English
Readings for Independence Day
Readings for Independence Day
Selected Readings for Independence Day in Eng and Heb by MFA