Rabi Yojanan Y La Tierra De Israel

ver la relacion de nuestros jajamim con la tierra de Israel

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Chanukah Jeopardy 3

A PTT about Chanukah etc in a Jeopardy game.

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Yom Hazikaron Ceremony

Order of the Tekes (ceremony)

- yom hazikaron

- light the candles

- yizkor

- el male rahamim

- paratroopers cry

- unknown soldiers

- how can I bless him

- tfila leshlom hamedina

- tfila lhayaley tzahal

- singing- ani mamin

- singing- hatikva

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Empfohlene Links

Pbase- The Sigd photo
Pbase- The Sigd photo
Pics from the sigd holiday
Oach- Tu Bishvat
Oach- Tu Bishvat
The education of goverment made a fantastic site. with Tu Bishvat Seder, Pics, songs, Mitzvot about eretz yisrael etc.
ICMIS-The International Coalition for MIS
ICMIS-The International Coalition for MIS
The Israeli MIAs website, with all 8 MIAs and chronology note- the website has not been updated since July 2005.