Time And Purpose

To learn about Korach and his rebellion; To consider the purpose of arguments; To make the most of the time we have

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Be An Israeli

1. Shaw the Chanichim different sides in the Israeli character.

2. Have them understand that being Israeli is a very different and better lifestyle. 

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Our Generation

הבנה כי בכל דור יש משימות חשובות

ללמוד למצוא את הדברים החשובים שאנחנו יכולים לתרום להם

ללמוד כיצד אפשר להמשיך לעשות גם כשאנחנו מבוגרים

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"oh The Places You'll Go!"

1) Teach the Chanichim about the diversity of Israeli Culture in the cities around the country.

2) Emphasize the positive traits and values which we can learn from each of these places/sects of Israeli society.

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