Ve Nahafuch Hu

GOAL-to teach the chanichim what "Vnahafoch hu” is really about…

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Connection To Israel

Teach chanachim that Am Yisrael Worked incredibly hard to get Eretz Yisrael, just like the chanachim worked really hard to get the treat.  (You can go into details if there is time:  they did physical work, political negotiating…just like the tasks you did).  And they waited 2000 years to return to Israel, just like they waited for this, Do you really think that Am Yisrael can just give up Eretz Yisrael now, without a fight?!?

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The Antiochus Game

Goal: the Chanichim will learn to evaluate their Jewish values

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Lograr que los participantes se expresen libremente acerca de la Torá y su importancia

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