Brother Where Art Thou?

Topic: Following the themes of brotherhood in the parshot of Bereshit.

Goal: To have the chanichim think about their roles as siblings, and as siblings with all of Am Yisrael.

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Shimshon - The Early Years

Goal: The chanichim will discuss how Shimshon is an extremely strange Shofet, and how this was all on purpose; that Am Israel needed an undercover Shofet who could work undercover, living amongst the Pelishtim, to fight them single handedly on behalf on Am Israel. The chanichim will discuss why Shimshon needed to be a Nazir to offset the dangers of this mission and will discuss the story of his birth and the characters of his mother and father- Manoach and Eshet Manoach.

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Source Sheet
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Hamedina- Tzahal- Idf

Goals: Review some of the basic parts of the Israeli Army; Stress the impact that Tzahal has on every Jew.


1.      Games: Relate to the Army

Story: “Battletime Bar Mitzvah” – how the army affects the citizens of


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