Ha'Ari Hakdosh

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Ivri Date: 5 Av, 5332

English Date: 25 July, 1572

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Rabbi Isaac Luria (1534July 25, 1572) was a Jewish mystic in Safed. His name today is attached to all of the mystic thought in Safed. While his direct literary contribution to the Kabbalistic school of Safed was extremely minute (he only wrote a few poems), his fame led to the school and all its works being named after him. The main popularizer of his ideas was Hayim Vital, though Vital's claim to be the official interpreter of the Lurianic system was disputed by some.

In Hebrew he is called Yitzhak Lurya יִצְחַק לוּרְיָא, Yitzhak Ben Shlomo Ashkenazi, and Yitzhak Ashkenazi. He is also known as Ari אֲרִי and He-Ari ("The Lion") from the acronym for Ashkenazi Rabbi Itzhak ("The Ashekanic Rabbi Yitzhak"), thus Arizal with "ZaL" being the acronym for Zikhrono Livrakha ("of blessed memory" or literally "let the memory of him be for a blessing"), a common Jewish honorific for the deceased, and known as Ari Ha-Kadosh ("Ari the Holy").

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Ha'Ari Hakdosh