Israel Race - Manhatten - מרוץ ישראל- מנהטן

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Tipo de recursos: Peula Idiomoa: English

Edad 18 - 24

Cantidad de participantes en el grupo 30 - 40

Tiempo estimado: 180 minutos

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Objetivo del recurso

מרוץ מנהטן

סה"כ היו 12 תחנות באי מנהטן.

הקבוצות התארגנו 5 אנשים כל קבוצה והיו צריכות להירשם מראש, לבחור שם לקבוצה, ראש קבוצה ולשלם כל אחד 20$ דמי רישום (כסף שהלך לתרומה לשיקום יערות קק"ל בצפון שנפגעו מהמלחמה).

נפגשנו בנקודה הראשונה – בית קק"ל בעיר ליריית הפתיחה. היה טקס קצר שלאחריו נתנו את המעטפה עם הרמז הראשון לכל ראשי הקבוצות. (16 קבוצות, סה"כ 80 משתתפים).

היו לנו מס' מסלולים, ככה שלא כל הקבוצות ירוצו אחד אחרי השני, אבל בסופו של דבר כל הקבוצות היו צריכות לעבור את כל הנקודות ומדדנו שסה"כ המרחק של כל מסלול יהיה זהה.

המשתתפים קיבלו מאיתנו כרטיס יומי לרכבת התחתית ולאוטובוסים + מפה של האי מנהטן. אסור היה להביא רכבים פרטיים אבל מותר לקחת מוניות (רוב המוניות יכולות להכיל 4 אנשים ומאחר והקבוצות היו של 5 משתתפים, קשה היה להם למצוא מוניות מתאימות – עשינו זאת בכוונה).

איש צוות שלנו חיכה בכל אחת מ-12 הנקודות בו היה צריך לתת לקבוצה המגיעה הסבר חינוכי על המקום והקשר הציוני שלו, משימה, ואחרי שעברו אותה – את הרמז לנקודה הבאה. הרמזים היו רמזים ציוניים + רמזים גיאוגרפיים. הקבוצות יכלו להתקשר לחבר טלפוני, לגלוש באינטרנט, לשאול אנשים ברחוב – לא היו מגבלות בעניין.

כל איש צוות היה צריך לדווח למטה המרכזי אילו קבוצות כבר עברו אצלו, ככה שלמטה תהיה תמונה כוללת של המצב. 2 רכבים של הצוות הסתובבו בין התחנות השונות לפתור בעיות + לשאול את הקבוצות שנפגשו עימם, שאלות בונוס בו יכלו חברי הקבוצה לזכות בדיסקים ישראליים עכשוויים.

כל קבוצה קיבלה עם צאתה דרכון עם 12 מקומות לחתימה. בכל נקודה היו צריכים להחתים את איש הצוות בחתימה ובחותמת, על כי עברו בהצלחה את התחנה. לכל קבוצה היה את מס' הטלפון של "הקו החם" של המטה, אם יהיו בעיות.


Apoyo requerido y Materiales

Contenidos de los recursos


Place and tasks for The Amazing Israel Race




Rabin Way

Location: 43rd and

2nd Ave, NW

Israel Clue: He was a midtown kind of guy who did it all. He was in the Palmach, in his 40s he was General Officer for the Six Day War, Ambassador to the US, Defense Minister and even got a second chance being at Prime Minister.

Educational Content and Card: Learn about Itzchak Rabin and what he meant to Israel. Also, mention something about the Israeli Consulate.

Task:  With their information card, they need to find three people on the street who do not know about Rabin and teach them.


Site: Sharansky steps at the UN

Location:43rd &

1st Ave West

Israel Clue: A day and a united vote 2,000 years in the making…Kaf Tet B’November.

Educational Content and Card: Learn about how the UN created a new Jewish state. This could also include information about the different plans for a Jewish and Arab state. Also included in this card is information about Natan Sharansky. How he was captured and what his wife did.

Task: Each group will get a short explanation of Sharansky and who he is and was. Then, they will watch a 1 min clip of a movie. After that, they must take a quiz about which countries voted which way. Out of fifteen countries listed, they need to guess 7 correctly.

Props: Stickers, Poster with 10 countries flags on it


Site: Hagannah Headquarters

Location: 60th btw 5th and Madison. Closer to 5th. It’s a plaque on the ground in front of the store Nicole Farhi and across the street from the Metropolitan Club.

New York Clue: Next year, Israel will be turning _______. For presents, she wants toys from the greatest toy store on earth and a sweet iPod.

Israel Clue: Look down, not up. Not the Etzel, not the Lechi, but the _______________.

Educational Content and Card: Information about the Haganah.

Task: The whole group needs to learn how to do a pazatztah and then do it, correctly, three times. Any troublemakers can help scrub the plaque from it’s gummy exterior.


Site: Hadassah House

Location: 50 58th btw 5th and 6th

Israel Clue: If you are sick in Israel, you need me. Your grandmother, mother, and aunt are all apart of me. If you are a student and want to live in Jerusalem for a few months, you will probably live in one of my apartments. Come find me.

New York Clue: We’re close to the park and close to where the Israel parade starts.

Educational Content and Card: This station will concentrate on Henrietta Szold and the organization of Hadassah.

Task: First, each group must find a postcard addressed to them from Henrietta Szold. After they find their letter, they will be directed (by the letter) to go to a map of Israel and identify 2 cities where there are Hadassah buildings.

Props: 20 plastic bags filled with junk mail and 20 Hadassah postcards from Henrietta Szold, Stickers, 3 maps of Israel on the wall.



Golda Meir Square

Location: W 39th & Broadway, NW corner

Israel Clue: I was born in Eastern Europe, grew up in the US, and made aliyah. In Israel, I went further than I could ever imagine.

New York Clue: Though I’ve never been known for my fashion sense, I have made a home amongst this fashion craze.  But then again, who would have imagined that I would become one of Broadway’s biggest stars.

Educational Content and Card: Golda Meir is the focus of this station. The card should have information about her life both in the States and in Israel all the way to her being the first female Prime Minister. There should also be a bit about how an oleh who made aliyah made a big impact on Israeli society.

Task: A member of the team (hopefully a guy) must put on a wig and a dress as he/she impersonates Golda. The impersonator must then give an impassioned speech to the entire square.

Props: 3 Blondish Old Lady Wigs, 3 old lady dresses, three copies of famous Golda speeches


Site: Pita Pocket

Location: NW Corner between 12th &

University Pl

Israel Clue: You must be hungry. All of the tribes of Israel come to the university place to eat. So reach into your pocket to join them in eating the unofficial Israeli cuisine.

Educational Content and Card: This will be a funny card about where falafel originates and good recipes on how to make it.

Task: No group can get their clue until all five falafels are eaten.

Props: Certificates for the falafel, falafel


Site: Yiddish Theater (A stone that says Yiddish Theater, May 23 1926)

Location: SW Corner of 12th & 2nd

Israel Clue: I’m a forgotten place, from a forgotten language, from a forgotten time. I contained the second biggest stage. They even changed the name of my neighborhood even though the Tribes of Israel still live here. The best Jewish deli in Manhattan is now gone and has left me all alone. Your grandparents used to visit me in my golden days. No one understands me any more. I am a remnant of a forgotten time yet I still stand here like a rock. Oh how the mighty have fallen; in the fall, I had to see that shlameel Borat every stinking night.

Task: They must find someone who can translate two sentences into Yiddish.

Props: A sheet with two sentences in English



Site: Holy Land Market

Location: 122 St. Marks btw 1st & A

New York Clue: Let’s start at the very beginning…when u read you begin with __ when you count you begin with__, and who is your favorite Saint?

Israel Clue: If you want to feel like you’re in Tel Aviv, want to buy Bamba or Elite in the middle of little Israel, I am here.

Educational Content and Card: This will be about different companies in Israel like Bamba, Ellit Yotvetah, etc.

Task: With only a shopping list in Hebrew, each group will be given 7 dollars to buy 4 specific items. These will be written in Hebrew and no one is allowed to help them.



Honey from Ein Harod

Prigat Grape Fruit Juice

Props: 20 shopping lists


Site: Aroma Café

Location: Houston and Greene SW side

Israel clue: I kicked Starbucks out of Israel and now want to beat them on their own turf. I’m in a mispronounced street that knows where the money is.

Educational Content and Card: This will talk about Israeli culture. A brief overview.

Task: Students have to find out and identify certain Israeli personalities. They can ask anyone at Aroma. The people are writers, actors, singers, TV personalities, or media.

The list will include:

AB Yehoshua

Etgar Keret

Leor Ashkenazi

Idan Reichel

Shaanan Street

Ehud Banai

Yael Lapid

Charim Yavin

Tal Friedman

Jaki Levi

Alon Abulbul



Site: Municipal Building (where David Ben Gurion was married)

Location: Chambers & Center (East Side)

Israel Clue: I was at the center of the first Israeli government, yet I met my better half in the Big Apple. It may not have been the Kotel or a nice synagogue but it was a legal chamber in which to get married.

Educational Content and Card: Learn about David Ben Gurion. This will be a card about the First Prime Minister of Israel.

Task: We give them a glass to stomp. Then they have to figure out why this tradition happens. If they get it right, they get the clue. If they don’t, they have to wait 10 minutes or find someone in the area who can tell them the answer.


Site: Jewish History Museum

Location: End of Battery Park

Israel Clue:  I was built to represent the worst part of our history in the end of the energizer city park. And I look at Freedom everyday.

Educational Content and Card: This will be a card about the Holocaust.

Task: In memory of the 6 million Jews, each group will light a yizkor candle and have a moment of silence and then sing “Eli Eli” before they continue on their course.

Props: 20 Yizkor candles, 5 song sheets with Eli Eli



Site: JNF House


42 69th Street
btw Park and Madison

Israel Clue: Hurry up you are almost there. Grab your shovel, plant a tree, and find me, Blue Box Bob, to finish your quest. 

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