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GOAL:On this week's Peula we are going to learn about the other aspects of lag Baom

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PROPS: color papers by number some with the word "question" on it, Dice

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Lag BaOmer

Written by: Michal and Tehillah, Cleveland

Age Group: Taf (1-3)

GOAL:On this week's Peula we are going to learn about the other aspects of lag Baomer

PROPS: color papers by number some with the word "question" on it, Dice

1. One of the "lag Baomer"'s customs is to light bonfires.

Lets imagine that we are sitting around the bonfire and everyone in his/her turn will say: "if I could throw something into the fire I would

throw _______________ (for example: All the wars in the world, the illness and the pains, the bad boy/girl inside of me) warning- make sure that the chanichim wont use insulting comments.

2. The second part of the peula is a game-quiz about Lag Baomer. The madrich/a will put the color papers in order according to number as a snake , then he/she will Split the chanichim into 2 teams. On each paper is written a number. Each team will throw the dice, the number they get is the number of steps they have to take. For example: if they get number 2, they will go over 2 papers. On some of the papers it written Question when they get to that kind of paper the madrich will ask them a question. If a team doesnt know the correct answer, they will lose their next turn. It is a contest between the teams which team will get more correct answers.


1. Why it is customary to play with a bow and arrow on Lag Baomer?

( In memory of Bar-Kochva soldiers).

2. Who is the great Rabbi that past away on that date? (Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai).

3. When do we start counting the Omer? ( On the Second day of Pesach).

4. What is Sfirat Haomer symbolized? (The expectation of Bnei Israel to get the Torah).

5. What Kind of necklace did Rabbi Akiva give to his wife Rachel?

(A necklace in the shape of Yerushalaim).

6. Why do we have mourning customs on sfirat haomer? ( As memory to the death of rabbi akiva's students).

7. What are the mourning customs on Sfirat Haomer? ( we don't get marry and don't have different celebrations, we dont cut the hair or shave, dont wear new cloth etc. ).

8. What kind of miracle did Hashem do to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his son in the cave? (Hashem gave them a Carob Tree and a spring).

9. What is the connection between Bar Cochva and Lag Baomer? ( on Lag Baomer Bar Cochva had a victory in the battle against the Romans).

10. What is the reason for the plague that spread among Rabbi Akivas student and killed them?

( Because they didnt respect each other).

11. When did the plague stop? ( On Lag Baomer).

12. What is the condition that Rachel gave to Rabbi Akiva? ( she told him that she will marry him if he studies Torah).

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