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Tipo de recursos: Peula Idiomoa: English

Edad 4 - 6

Cantidad de participantes en el grupo 10 - 30

Tiempo estimado: 90 minutos

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Objetivo del recurso

Proving to the chanichim that we should be all for one and one for all. Working together is usually the best solution.

Contenidos de los recursos

Stage 1:

Games that make them work together.

Split the kids into 2 groups. (If your group is really small, you might wanna join up with another group)

Have each group get on their chairs, on opposite sides of the room. Each group has to get all the group members to the opposite wall WITHOUT TOUCHING THE FLOOR. (First group to the other side wins)

They will probably try a few times tell them it is taking too long.

After a few tries, show them that if they line up, and keep passing the chairs forward to the first one in line they can cross the room very quickly.

Stage 2:

Take 4 kids on chairs and do the magic trick of pulling the chairs out from under them without them falling. (Needs oral explanation. Find Racheli BEFORE Shabbat.)

If everyone works together, they stay up. If even one kid gives up, they all fall.

Stage 3:

Have the chanichim standing in a circle facing in, with their chairs tilted towards the middle of the circle. At the count of 3, they all have to move right to catch the person on their rights chair, before it falls. This will take them a while to master, but if they all work together, they will end up succeeding.

Stage 4:

Sum up that we have just proven that when we all work together all 4 1 and 1 4 all, its good. When we dont, its bad.

Amen and Shabbat shalom.

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