What Would You Do?

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Tipo de recursos: Peula Idiomoa: English

Edad 4 - 6

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Objetivo del recurso
week the theme is personal values. Why do you do what you do? Every day, all of us have to make lots of little choices. We hope that they live up to what we think our values, but we all know that it doesnt always happen the way we want it to.

Apoyo requerido y Materiales
  • Cut out situations with Cards
  • Human Board (if choose that option)

Contenidos de los recursos

What would you do?


- Maybe cut out the situations, to make them easier to hand out

- For dramatic kids, have them act out the different situations up to the point of decision, and then either have everybody explain what theyd do and why, or let the actors finish the scene with their own answers, and let kids react.

-For more passive kids, maybe make a game board. A chanich/a (or team) reads a situation. Every other kid has to guess what the reader will answer, and wager from 1-4 (based on how sure they are). If they guessed right, they move forward that number of points. If they guessed wrong, they move back. Try to team up shyer kids with louder kids, so that every person gets their view expressed.

-Play it like the newly-wed game. Pair kids up, and they have to try to guess what their partner (who is out of the room) would answer to different situations.

The point of this game is not only to see what we might do, but also to discuss our motivations, what we are thinking when we do what we do. Take it to whatever level you think is appropriate for your kids. Most important of all, have fun with it!


Theres someone in your class coming on a shabbaton for the first time. You are staying with your three friends, and theres no more room in the house. This person dont have any good friends coming on the Shabbaton, and it looks like theyre going to be staying alone. Do you volunteer to stay with this person?

At school, youre the captain of the basketball team. You have one player who is really bad. Do you play this person as equally as the others?

You show up to a tochnit requiring advance reservations, but you had forgotten to make a reservation. You get on the bus early to make sure you get a seat. When the bus is full, there are three people standing outside who made reservations. Do you voluntarily get off the bus?

You are staying at a friends apartment for a shabbaton, and you accidently leave a tub running. Some water damage is caused to the apartment below, and damages amount to $100. Do you offer to pay?

While your teacher is out of the room, somebody in your class sneaks up to the teachers desk and looks at your classs next test. Do you listen to what the questions are going to be?

More people than expected show up to a Bnei Akiva Tochnit, and there are just enough slices for everyone to have two. Youve had two and youre still hungry. Knowing that some people are still on their first slice, do you still take a third?

You enter your name into a $100 UJA raffle, but you still havent paid when they do the draw. You win a trip to Israel! Do you take the trip?

After a few friends stay at your house for a shabbaton, you find a Camp Moshava shirt. Youre pretty sure that you know whose it is, but this is the shirt that you lost, and you really liked that years shirt. Nobody knows that you lost it. Do you keep the shirt?

One day, the pop machine at school suddenly starts spitting out cans for no reason. Do you take a free can?

You really want to be on your school soccer team. But, you are good at basketball, and you are told that you are needed badly for the basketball team. You dont really want to be on it. Do you agree to join the basketball team?

Walking to snif one Shabbat, you see your favorite pen that you must have dropped on the way home from school on Friday. Do you pick up the pen?

You are participating in a Chidon, and you get a look at the answer sheet. Do you still participate as if you hadnt seen the answers?

You sleep in during a shabbaton, and by the time you get to Shul, a really fun peula is starting, and youd really like to participate. Do you take the time to daven first?

Your brothers madrich calls to remind him about a shabbaton. You forget to give him the message, and he misses the application deadline. All his friends are going, and hes really upset. Do you tell him about the message that you forgot?

You are being the umpire during a baseball game with your class. You see one of your best friends making an illegal play. Do you call it?

You are making a call from a pay phone for your mother to pick you up from a tochnit. After you hang up, your quarter comes back out. Do you take the quarter?

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