A Siren Pierces The Air - הצפירה מפלחת את האוויר

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A siren pierces the air, for two minutes of silence.

All sounds regular to the city cease to exist.

During these 2 minutes,

 It doesn’t matter who you are,

Your age, your background, your status in society,

It doesn’t matter where you are.

A classroom, an assembly line, an office, a major highway.

It doesn’t matter what you are.

Student, Teacher, Lawyer, Truck driver

All bow their heads.

Painter, Farmer, Doctor, Clerk

Even those sitting in coffee shops.


Bereaved mothers, pained fathers, siblings and widows.

They unite in pride.

Battle companions, childhood friends, Grandparents,

Girlfriends, sons and daughters.    


For two minutes,

The barriers between right and left, religious and not, sefardi and Ashkenazi dissolve.

Differences are erased. Distinction disappears.


Two minutes of unity and Solidarity

Two minutes of silence to remember


Two minutes of silent tribute to the

Teachers, students, lawyers, truck drivers

The painters, farmers, doctors, clerks

The Ashkenazim, Sfardim, religious and not

The Fathers, Daughters, Sisters, Husbands, Friends

Who gave their lives  

So that we could stand here.

And proudly remember them.

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