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From the teachings of Rav Kook

One who’s soul does not wander in space,

One who does not demand the light of truth at goodness with all his heart,

Does not suffer spiritual destruction

But he will never build anything either.

He will find refuge in the shadow of the natural building,

Like the rabbit,

Who hides among the rocks.


But the human,

One who has the soul of a human within,

His soul cannot find a shelter in any other buildings,

But the ones he builds with his spiritual labor

And he never stops from his diligent work.



The righteous and pure of heart:

Do not cry out against wickedness, they add justice.
They do not cry out against denial, they add faith.
They do not cry out against ignorance, they add wisdom.



The State of Israel - the foundation upon which rests the Throne of God in this world.





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