H.12. Shiriah

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Edad 10 - 18

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Tiempo estimado: 45 minutos

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H.12. Shiriah

The leader prepares beforehand a list of words commonly found in Hebrew songs, e.g.,

The group is split into teams of 6-10 and they sit separate circles in the room.

The leader calls out a word and the first group sings a song with that word in it.

Once the first song is sung, the leader calls on the next group with the same word, and so on, until the groups don’t have any more songs to sing.

The last team to sing a song gets a point.

The leader goes on to the next word until songs with that word are exhausted, etc.

Scoring can take many forms. E.g., if the whole team knows the song, more points are gained. If only one or a few, fewer or no points are given.
Alternatively, each team scores one point for every

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