I.5. Place The City

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Edad 10 - 18

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This game is to be played without consultation between participants, even if not in total silence.

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I.5. Place the City

The leader prepares the outline of the borders of Israel on the floor of a large room with masking (duck) tape. The map should be about the size of half the room.
Participants are each given one or more picture postcards (or simply a card) with the name of a place in
Israel, and a short time together to walk around the map and place their postcard(s) on the appropriate spot non-verbally.
After all the postcards are placed, participants stand and look at the map for a minute without talking. Then they have another minute to return to the map and still without talking, move any postcards they think were misplaced.
Following this, the leader hangs up a large map of
Israel and points out the different places, while each chanich puts his/her postcards in the proper place.

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