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Mibereshit Mibereshit
Chagiga of Chagim Chagiga of Chagim
ideas and programs for chagim
Pessach be Pessach be "Ofarim"
Activities for Pessach and about Pessach's names Stories, Songs and Pessach's songs's melodies Presentation about Pessach Clips and Recipes For young ages...
Lag BaOmer-Yeladudim Lag BaOmer-Yeladudim
Songs, Stories and Activities related to Lag BaOmer For young ages
amit-shvuot amit-shvuot
mkm- Haifa- Chanuka- songs mkm- Haifa- Chanuka- songs
Movie- Gadi Gizbar Movie- Gadi Gizbar
World education World education
Aish- Pessach- Games for Leil Ha'seder Aish- Pessach- Games for Leil Ha'seder
site with ideas for teachers
media- IBA media- IBA
Yad Vashem school Yad Vashem school
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