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The Official Sderot Website The Official Sderot Website
Anit- Holiday Anit- Holiday
PPT about Israel in different subjects in all languages
Matal- Minheret Ha'zman Matal- Minheret Ha'zman
Chelm Chelm
Sukkah Building Instructions
Israeli Sprouts Israeli Sprouts
the site includes information about Israeli scouts, a variety of activities including for trips, pictures from Israeli scouts and more.
Lag BaOmer -MATYA Lag BaOmer -MATYA
Information about Rabbi Akiva, the period, Sfirat HaOmer, Bar Kochva and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochay, Activities, Stories and songs
Matal- Holocaust memorial day Matal- Holocaust memorial day
aish-Rosh Hashana aish-Rosh Hashana
Rosh Hashana-rap
Jafi Jafi
About Rav Nerya on BA Israel About Rav Nerya on BA Israel
things about Rav Nerya
Lesson Preparation center Lesson Preparation center
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A Synoptical Analysis Of Mishnaic/toseftan Parallels

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