The Lumberjack

Sometimes in life you need to take a break and refill your battery...

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Let's Go Up

 1) להרגיש שההגעה לירושלים זאת עליה.

       2) להבין  שכל מעשה בחיי' היום יום – מרחיק או מקרב אותנו לירושלים.

       3) להרחיב את הידע על ירושלים

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The Ghetto

Aims OF Peula:

·        To learn about the concept of the ghetto

·        To see a little about what life was like in the ghetto

·        To think about what names say about a Person and why we are called Bnei Akiva

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Ideas For Activities- Starting The Year And C...

All ages should have a chance to: get to know their Shevet and their Madrichim, hear what the plans for the year are and have a fun event so that they will want to come back for more.

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