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Thank To Good

Ya vimos en la Sija pasada sobre la importancia de agradecer en todo momento pero el agradecimiento no seria el mismo sin el concepto de Hakarat Hatov, el cual estudiamos brevemente en la primera Sija. En esta Sija hablaremos a mayor profundidad sobre el tema de Hakarat Hatov.

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Enter Israeli characters to greater depth. Stimulate a discussion in role to explore an Israeli age-peer group. Explore attitudes to controversial issues. Compare and contrast young people in both societies.


Each self-contained unit of Israelis plays out discussions on at least 3 of the 5 set dilemmas.

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What's In A Flag?

The chanichim will understand the why it is important to have a flag.

The chanichim will know that what’s behind what eyes can see is more important

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Moshe Rabeenoe

Men zich laten realiseren dat op 7 adar Moshe Rabeenoe is overleden.

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