B.7. Mental Gifts

This exercise fosters greater acceptance, emotional generosity and thoughtfulness towards other members of the group and is totally random. Member self-confidence and inter-personal communication are also enhanced.

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What’s In A Flag?


The chanichim will understand the why it is important to have a flag.

The chanichim will know that what’s behind what eyes can see is more important

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Short Article
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Israel Happening

מטרת  האירוע הוא להכניס אווירת ארץ ישראל בדוכני כיף, כל דוכן יהיה מקום בארץ והפעילות היא לפני מאפייני המקום.

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Tishrey kit Tishrey kit
Tishrey kit which include- Peulot, presentations, videos, Dvar Tora, etc., in Hebrew and English

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Rechavam Zevi (Gandi)- Movie
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Rechavam Zevi (Gandi)
Rechavam Zevi (Gandi)
אתר המרכז את מורשת גנדי, הביוגרפיה ומה נעשה כיום לזיכרו