Yetziat Mitzrayim

תקציר יציאת מצרים בסרטון

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Update On The Arab-israeli Conflict, Law Of T...


Transmitir ideas sobre la actualidad israelí, advertirles sobre la tergiversación de las noticias en los medios de comunicación. Inculcar información y valores acerca de ley del retorno.

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Devorah And Barak


The chanichim should analyze the leadership skills of Devorah and Yael versus Barak. Devorah and Yael  step up to the challenge and provide leadership from the side, when no leadership is coming from the men.

The chanichim should start to see the instability of the Shoftim cycle – there is no one clear leader (Devorah, Barak or Yael?) and the disunity of the Shevatim (only the ones in danger come to fight).

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Ethical Dilemmas In Israel

to get the chanichim to begin to get involved and interested (on their own accord) in Israeli politics

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