Peula – The Mishkan, (for Parshat Truma Or Va...


To learn about the keilim in the Mishkan and where they were placed.

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“lashon Hara” And Caring For Each Other

Teach the chanichim to think before they speak and to care for others.

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Draydel Of Fortune

משחק נחמד לחג החנוכה בסגנון גלגל המזל

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Presentation Of A Market In Israel

a presentation of Shuck / market pictures in Israel

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Yad Achim

We are holding a birthday bash!!!!!! The theme of all the activities will be Yad Achim. By the end of snif each chanich/a (and madrich/a) should have a better understanding of the meaning and origin of Yad Achim and its importance.

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The Center for Religious Services in the Diaspora
Education kits for download:

60 years to Israel kit 60 years to Israel kit
A kit marking 60 years to the State of Israel. Include- Peulot, presentations, videos, Dvari Torah, etc., in Hebrew and English

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