Internal Freedom

-מטרת הפעולה:

 לא לתת למוגבלויות של עצמך ולקשיים לעצור אותך להשתמש ביכולות שלך ולהגשים את עצמך.

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The Road

OBJETIVO: En este juego cada madrij puede elegir el tema que quiera por ej:la humildad,el ser agrandado, shabat, cashrut,etc..ya que es un juego que es facil de amoldar para cualquier matara.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words- Avraham


1. To learn this story of Avraham2. To think about how much more our actions say, than our words3. Micro - macro. Bettering oneself will ultimately lead to bettering the world.

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Green Man (comic)

Teach chanachim about diversity and toleration, maybe even the jewish people beng scattered across the world

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Short Article
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The Center for Religious Services in the Diaspora
Education kits for download:

Israels Posters Israels Posters
A kit with posters and Peulot about 60 years to the State of Israel, and - 40 years to Jerusalem.

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