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שאלות בסיסיות על אידיאולוגית בני עקיבא ותשובות שנתנו עליהן רבנים ואנשי חינוך

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Parshat Vayetzi

To teach the chanachim the meaning of our identity. That an identity is what makes us unique and different. That there are two things that define our identity: our Hashkafa and our Mitzvot- or in other words our mind and our body. That the mind is more important because the body does what the mind says. In this peula we will attempt to inform the Chanichim about what our identity is and how it makes us different.

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The Fortune Wheel- Water

להסביר על נושא המים וברכת "ותן טל ומטר לברכה"

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Agradeciendo En Todo Momento

Ver porque hay que agradecer en cada momento

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Intro To Bnei Akiva

Goals: Introduce the chanichim to Bnei Akiva –what the tnua is, what it stands for, etc. Through a combination of different kinds of games, we will acquaint the chanichim with various important aspects of Bnei Akiva, which will help them understand more of what we’re all about and help them to become better chaverim in our tnua. There are many peulot here, so it is possible to pick and choose which will be best, or even cover this material in two weeks.

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The Center for Religious Services in the Diaspora
Education kits for download:

Israels Posters Israels Posters
A kit with posters and Peulot about 60 years to the State of Israel, and - 40 years to Jerusalem.

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