The goal of this Peula is to impart to the chanichim the message that history is a relevant part of today. We do not only go to visit famous locations and graves in

Israel for their historic significance. Rather, each place has an important impact on and relevance to our lives today.

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Parshat Vayetzi

To teach the chanachim the meaning of our identity. That an identity is what makes us unique and different. That there are two things that define our identity: our Hashkafa and our Mitzvot- or in other words our mind and our body. That the mind is more important because the body does what the mind says. In this peula we will attempt to inform the Chanichim about what our identity is and how it makes us different.

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Short Article
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Why Do We Need A Homeland?

To  demonstrate the historical meaning for zionism

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The Center for Religious Services in the Diaspora
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