Yaacovs Dream - חלום יעקב

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there is a Midrash about Yaacovs dream that says the angels he sew were the future leaders of the world
each nation went up and controlled the world for some time and then went down and gradually disappeare
then god tells yaacov to go up and rule the world Yaacov fears and says what if I do go how long will I stay and who says I wont go down and disappear to?
so god tells him that if he is brave enough to try and believes in his role, he will never go down again.
he didn't believe and didn't go up.

this very difficult midrash makes us think about how much we believe in God

so to the game, I thought that you could play snakes and ladders and instead of a dice the would go forward by answering questions about how much they trust in god.
so each question card should have three optional answers colored in three colors and each color gives you a card with the number of steps to take.

for example:
after a long day you just put your head down and you remember you haven't dovened maariv what do you do:
green - fall asleep quickly and not think about it.
red - read the shma with the brachot from maariv in bed and then we will see.
blew - get up and pray.

a green card will have a number from 1 to 3
red - 3-5
blew - 5-7

if your chanichim are older you can let them give their own answer and let the group vote if the answer is true, each yes takes you one step forward

at the end of the game you can teach the midrash from bereshit raba.

I hope this idea can help you although I don't know how old your chanichim are and if you want a hole peula or just a short game

wish you luck
Ilan Frydman.

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