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Resource Goal

get to know the chanichim & madrichim

Resource Contents

Peolat Ptichah

1) We ask the chanichim to stand in a line according to their shoes sizes. But they are not allowed to talk.

2) We divide the line into 5 groups, each madrich gets a different group. The madrich gives the chanichim a big ice cube (with candies inside). The chanich needs to hold the cube & talk about himself until his hands freeze. In the end we brake the ice & eat the candies!!!!

3) We ask the chanichim to stand in a line according to their names (ABC)

4) We divide the line to 5 groups, each madrich gets a different group. The madrich gets a package with candies, the chanich can take as many as he wants, but while he is chewing he needs to talk about himself. The number of candies he takes dictates how long he will need to talk about himself for.

5) We give each chanich a list of definitions and he needs to find a chanich that matches certain definition. For ex- someone that this is his first time in Israel, now the chanich need to find someone that match to this.

6) The chanichim stand in a circle. The madrich holds a wool ball, he holds the edge of the ball in his hand & calls one of the chanichims names. He throws the ball to this chanich, the chanich catches the ball and calls another name and throws the ball to him, but he has to keep some of the wool in his hand. Eventually well have cobwebs. Then we throw a ball inside the circle and we count how many times we can keep it up in the air without dropping it.

7) Then we ask the chanichim to make a triangle without talking and then to make a chet shape.

8) Mifkad!!

' 1

  1. someone that has never been to Israel before

  1. someone that has more than 5 siblings

  1. someone that has a twin

  1. someone that his shoe size is bigger than 13

  1. someone that broke a hand\ leg before he was 12 years old

  1. someone that is the youngest in his family

7. someone that doesnt have a cell phone

8. someone that plays a musical instrument

9. someone that is allergic to peanut butter

10. someone that has been in Israel more than 5 times

11. someone who plays on a high school basketball team

12. someone that only drinks water

13. someone that saw an Israeli movie

14. someone that speaks Hebrew very well

15. someone that knows the words to Yad Achim

16. someone that has blue eyes

17. someone that has NOT gone to Moshava before

18. someone that lives outside of NY and NJ

19. someone that likes Coke more than Pepsi

20. someone who had their Bar/Bat Mitzvah in Israel

21. someone that is a madrich in a snif of Bnei Akiva

22. someone that is a vegetarian

23. someone that has been to Prague before

24. someone that does not have a TV in their house

25. someone that has never seen snow before

26. someone that is a certified lifeguard

27. someone that has a drivers permit

28. someone that did NOT bring a camera with them for Mach Hach

29. someone that is afraid of the dark

30. someone that is wearing pink

31. someone that has blonde hair

32. someone that listens to classical music

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