Rabbi Akiva Trivia Game

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Estimated Time: 30 minutes

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Resource Goal
To learn about Rabbi Akiva.

Required Props & Materials
Prepare questions as needed.

Resource Contents

1. At what age did Rabbi Akiva start learning Torah? (40)

2. Who was his wife? (Rachel)

3. Who did he work for? (Kalba Savua)

4. Who did R Akiva rebel against? (The Romans)

5. What did R Akiva dedicate his life to? (learning Torah)

6. How many students did he have? (24,000)

7. What natural occurance convinced R akiva that he could learn? (water penetrating a rock)

8. What was R Akiva before he became a Talmid Chacham? (a Shepard)

9. Whats the important rule we learn from R Akiva? (V Ahavta Leraiacha Kamocha)

10. What were R Akivas last words? (Shma Yisrael)

Resource Comments
You can make any game out of these questions. For example, jeapordy or who wants to be a millionaire.

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