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Resource Goal
to have fun and review israel facts

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hollywood squares board

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Good for all ages

Mitzvot Hataluot BAretz:

  1. Every 7 years farmers in Israel cannot work the land for a year. What is this mitzvah called? (Shmittah)
  2. What is it called when u have to give a percentage of your crops to Cohen? (Maaser or trumah)
  3. Animal sacrifices can only be brought here (yerushalayim or beit hamikdash)
  4. What are sacrifices called in Hebrew? (korbanot)
  5. Name one of the nations that lived in Israel that the Jews had to kick out to conquer the land in the time of the Tanach (Caanani, Emori, Yevusi)
  6. You are not allowed to harvest the corner of your field (peah) or to collect wheat stalks that fall to the ground (leket). Instead u have to leave them for who to have?? (poor) (clue: think of sefer rut).
  7. 3 times a year all jews go up to yerushalayim - what is this called? (aliya leregel)
  8. what 3 holidays do the jews do this? (sukkot, shavuot, pesach)
  9. Who goes free during a shmitta year?
  10. Every 7 Shmita years (49 years) we have what year? (Yovel)
  11. If you live in Israel how many pesach seders do you have? (1)

Name that fruit!

  1. You only eat its seeds and its special for rosh hashana (rimon)
  2. Oil from this fruit was used in the Chanukah miracle (olive oil)
  3. This is a grain used to make bread found special in Israel (wheat or barley)
  4. We get juice from this fruit by stepping on it, and it comes in handy Friday nights (grapes)
  5. Which one of these fruits is found special in Israel? Figs, cantaloupes, or apples. (figs)

Jewish/Israel History:

  1. The Golan Heights, the West Bank and the Kotel (Western Wall) were among these places liberated by Israel in this war. (1967)
  2. This fort was where some Jews made their last stand against the Romans before all commiting suicide. You can hike up and see the fort today in Israel. (Masada)
  3. This king built the 1st Beit Hamikdash in Jerusalem. (Solomon)
  4. He willed it and it was no dream! He was the founder of modern Zionism. (Herzl)
  5. This Macabee fighter led the revolt against the Greeks and freed Israel from its enemies!! (Judah Maccabee)
  1. Which country was in control of Israel in 1948 before the Jews got independace? (British)
  2. Name the 1st Israeli astronaut (Ilan Ramon zl)
  3. Who is the current prime minister in Israel (Sharon)
  4. Name the first arab country Israel made peace with (Egypt)

Israeli cities:

  1. 1. The holiest city in the world and where the Temple Mount is located. (Jerusalem)
  2. A city in the south of Israel in the desert. Its name in Hebrew means 7 wells. (Beersheva)
  3. A city known for its mystics, it is one of Israels oldest cities and is found in the Northern region of the country. (Tzfat / Safed)
  4. A port city, located off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. (Haifa)
  5. A city being fought over now by Arabs and Jews, it is the location of the Maarat HaMachpela, the Cave of the Patriarchs where Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rivka, Yaacov and Leah are buried. (Hebron)
  6. What city is Ben Gurion Airport in?. (Tel Aviv)
  7. The southern most point in Israel, a fun resort town! (Eilat)
  8. The city where the Davies moved to in Israel (Modiin)

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