Chanuka Hollywood Squares - איקס עיגול לחנוכה

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Age: 6-10
Group Size: 10-30
Estimated Time: 60 minutes

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Resource Goal
To have fun while reviewing chanuka material

Required Props & Materials
make a big tic tac toe board that everyone can see, on the show the celebrities (madrichim) are in the spaces on the board but in this case you might as well just assign each spot on the board to a different madrich and both the spot and the madrich have a different letter/number

Resource Contents
Chanuka Hollywood Squares Goal: To have fun while learning basics of chanuka Suggested Age: chevraya alef Suitable for Shabbat Props: large tic-tac-toe board X's and O's It's tic-tac-toe/hollywood squares. A team picks a square, and one madrich reads a question. Each of the other two madrichim say one of the answers, and explains as best as he/she can their own answer (of course, one of the answers is wrong). Try to convince your chanichim that you are right! The team has to guess which madrich is right. If they're right, they put down the peice. remember to try to convince the kids of your answer, even if it is wrong. try to debate a little over each question, to make the game last longer. 1) why do we eat sufganiyot? because they are cooked in oil/ because they are full of jelly 2) what were the names of matityahu's sons? elazar, yehuda, shimon, yochanan, yonatan/ yehuda, steven, frank, shimon, yochanan, mordechai 3) what does the pey on the dreidel stand for? nes gadol haya pach hasem/ nes gadol haya poh 4) what is the best thing to use the light the chanukiya? olive oil/candles from israel 5)what nation did the jews fight against? france/ the greeks 6) where did the macabim live? modiin/yerushalayim 7) what do we change in davening and benching for chanukka? al hanisim/mizmor shiur chanukat habayit l'david 8) how many days in chanukah? 8 days because of the oil/ 9 days because we are outside of israel 9) why do we eat latkes? because they are made of potatoes/ because we fry them in oil 10) why do we use a shamash? so that we can use the light of the candles/so that we have one candle higher that the rest to symbolize the jews 11) how was elazar, matityahu's son, killed? he was eaten by a tiger/ an elephant fell on him 12) what did the greeks put in the beit hamikdash? decorations for chanukkah/ idols and pigs/ (nasty chicago bbq beef)

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