Ice Breakers

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Age: 10-18
Group Size: 10-60
Estimated Time: 45 minutes

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Resource Goal


Introduce the characters in the discussion and make them meaningful to the participants


Similar to all the picture pool triggers where participants choose an item with which they can identify and present it.

Required Props & Materials


Pool of role cards and photos of Israeli youth from Israeli magazines, arranged separately on a central table.

Resource Contents

Ice Breakers


·         Explain that participants are going to be introduced to a group of young Israelis.

·         Have everyone browse through the characters and pick the one with whom they most identify and a photo which seems to resemble that character.

·         Go round the group giving everyone a chance to say: "This is Yael/Beni. I chose her/him because...."

·         It is important to keep answers short and the participants interested. If necessary, the moderator can add non-commital, but encouraging comments, like: "Our first Tami" or "Another David"... or even to suggest choosing another character...

·         Interesting to see which characters get chosen most or least...

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