From "the Atheists Convention" By Journeys

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 From "The Atheists Convention" by Journeys

The plane took off on schedule from La Guardia, on a bright clear sunny summers day. What a cheerful trio they appeared to be, they were off the ground, westward bound, to the Atheists Convention in L.A.

Peter was a lawyer from Manhattan. Mohammed sold used cars in Sheep’s Head Bay. Howard was a dentist out in Woodmere. With the clouds below, they were on the go, to the Atheists Convention in L.A. Peter ordered white wine with his dinner, Howard and Mohammed asked for gin. There was a Chasid in the next row keeping kosher, “Could he be so naïve?” “To still believe?” “That Someone up there is watching overhead.”

"I'm so glad that we'll be staying at the Hilton" "I can't wait to spend the day in Disneyland" "I hear there'll be a lecture in Agnostics" "The Convention should be absolutely grand" "There'll be speeches that will ponder our existence" "Religious Dogma will come under fierce attack" "That we were all once primates is our motto" "& the Big Bang's not a theory but a fact!"

Suddenly there was a big explosion. Everyone began to scream & wail. Peter yelled, "Help me Father", Mohammed screamed, "Spare me Allah", & in Hebrew, Howard said "Shma Yisroel". Just before that final, awful impact. When everyone was sure that they would die. Some how, some why, the engines came to life again. Just a few yards from the trees, with what seemed to be great ease, the pilot flew the plane back to the sky. Everyone gave thanks to G-d in Heaven, "It was a miracle, that saved us on this day!” The Chasid turned and asked the trio with a smile, "With your true colors now showing, will you three still be going to The Atheists Convention in LA?"

Peter's now a priest in Cincinnati. Mohammed built a mosque in Santa Fe. & Howard's still a dentist out in Woodmere. But now they call Chaimel, & on Shabbos he wears a streimel. For their very faith ignited, while flying on United to "The Atheists Convention, to the Atheists Convention, to The Atheists convention in LA."



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