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A letter for Rina from Yoni Netanyaho

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Dear Rina,

Youre almost 16! Do you realize youve lived nearly a of youre life?

For an insect, that live only a-few days, his life probably seams so long. Maybe for that rezone we think we have a whole eternity of life. People dont live forever and we should put the days of our lives into the best possible use. We should try to live life to its fullest! How to do that? I cant answer you, if I would have known half of the puzzle of life would have been solved.

I just know that I dont want to reach a certain age, look around, and suddenly find out that I created nothing, that Im just like millions of people,that run around like insects and accomplish nothing. They leave after them a new generation that duplicates their own meaningless life.

Do you remember the song IF by Rudeard Kiplling?

If you can fill the unforgiving minute

with 60 seconds worth of distance run,

yours is the earth.

Because every moment contains seconds, and smaller parts and we mustnt let any second. vanish without meaning. I must feel certain that not only at the moment of my death shall I be able to account for the time I have lived; I ought to be ready at every moment of my life to confront myself and say this is what I have accomplished

Miss you,


I wouldlike to go to

I would like to rest.

I would like to yell at someone.

I would hit someone.

I would ask forgiveness from many people.

I would thank my parents.

I would play music.

I would paint.

I would do tshuva

I would do banjy.

I would do things that I am scared to do.

I would give Tsdaka.

I would watch more T.V.

I would talk more on the phone.

I would put more efforts on school.

I would be nice to my brothers and sisters.

I would learn TORAH

I would go to baseball games.

I would move to Israel.

I would help old people

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