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Resource Goal

How to work for Bnei Akiva and stay alive?

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Managing your time - why?

Reduce or eliminate wasted time and effort so you'll have more productive time each day.

Improve your productivity so you can accomplish more with less effort.

Focus your time and energy on what is most important.

Make time for the things you want and value.

Improve your performance while reducing stress.

Find greater balance and fulfillment.

Set and achieve your long-term goals.

Effective ways to manage your time

1) Simple but effective module:


Not urgent



Crises, responding to demands, some meetings, deadlines, answering calls.


Relationship building, education, planning, quality leisure and relaxation.

Not Important


Some meetings, conversations, duties, and phone calls.


Time-wasting activities (you know what these are)

A good way of finding out if an activity is important or not is to consider what would happen if you did it, and what would happen if you didn't."

2) Think, and plan ahead have a balance between planning close events and planning far ahead don't start anything without some kind of game plan. You should know what to do when to do and how to do it. You also catch any problems before they happen forcing you to react to it urgently and costly.

3) Be organized don't waste time finding things, doing things again because your not sure they were done. Important example - Collect money on time and write it down don't run after parents and chanichim, not sure if they paid.

4) Write things down Make and use a "to do list" helps not to forget, helps you organize things. It lets your mind rest. Makes it easier to prioritize not just to what ever comes to mind.

5) Delegate You have a lot of people that work with you and under you, in the short run it might be easier to do things alone. In the long run you get much more working as a team.

6) Ask for help if you don't know how to do something, don't waste time "reinventing the wheel" speak to people with experience they would love to help you.

7) 80/20 approach - (Opponents say this is just an excuse for doing 80% of a good job, but it means something different) It forces you to focus on a situation and prioritize the 80% you can start solving with 20% of the effort. Then, if you focus on 80% of the remaining 20% you set aside the first time, you will have dealt with 96% of the problem relatively quickly. [For example, 80% of the madrichim that will do there work, will come from 20% of the effort done. Speak to the ones most likely to work, get them started and then deal with the harder ones]

8) Live it - All the above is great! But without you deciding to take command of your life and willing to change a little this is just interesting information. There are moments of choice, now that youve learned a few new things will the outcome always stay the same?

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