Ouestion About Israel - שאלות על ישראל

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Resource Goal
To educate about Israel.

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1. The country where all jews can come to live is____________.

2. The colors of the jewish flag are ______________.

3.the capital city of israel is ______________.

4 .some of the israeli national foods are ______________.

5. people go to pray and leave messages at the __________in jerusalem.

6. name a famous israeli.

7. the language spoken in israel ______________.

8. name cities in israel.

9. israel became an independent country in ______________.

10. the remains of the holy temple are the ____________

11.a Zionist is _______________.

12.moving to israel is called________________.

13.the southern desert in israel is ___________________.

14.the lowest spot in the earth is _________________.

15.the first Prime Minister of israel was _______________.

16.the most north city in israel is ___________________.

17.the most south city in israel is ___________________.

18.the city of gold is ___________________.

19.the holy cities in israel are ______________.

20.the first women prime minister of israel was ____________.


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