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Resource Goal

guidlines to telling a story.

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Reasons to tell a story-

A story can spark a discussion.

Stories can introduce the chanichim to a Noseh.

The chanichim can relate to the characters in the story.

A story is entertaining.

Preparation for storytelling-

Read the story through at least twice before telling.

Make sure the story is appropriate for your Kvutzas age.

Shorten the story if it is to long.

Do not memorize the story. Memorize the sequence of events in the story.

How to tell A story-

Vary the pitch, volume and rhythm of your voice.

Be enthusiastic.

Speak slowly and clearly.

Do not use overly difficult words and phrases.

Be expressive.

Use eye contact.

Use hand motions and facial expressions.

Be specific about names of characters, places and times of day.

Personalize the story.

Do not read the story!

Creative ways to tell a story-

1. Finish the story: tell the chanichim an exiting story, but stop before the climax. Divide the "Kvutza" into small groups and have them each make up a skit on how they think the story ends.

2.Story treasure hunt: cut up the story into different sections and hid them around the snif. Give the chanichim clues to find the pieces and have them assemble the story in the correct order.

3.Story obstacle course: Divide the Kvutza into 2 teams each must perform a difficult task [relay race, questions etc]. When they finish each task they get a piece of the story. The Kvutza that completes the story firt=st, wins.

4.Story Chidon: have the Kvutza sit in a circle and put two chairs in the middle, back to back. Each half of the circle is a team. The madrich tells a story, every few minutes asking a question that relates to the story. Who ever knows the answer runs to the chair facing their team. The first person who gets to the chair can answer the question for a point.

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