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Resource Goal
To understand the story of Ruth

Resource Contents


  1. How many sons did elimelech and Naomi have, and what were their names?
  2. What city did elimelech and his family leave in the beginning of the Sefer?
  3. What was the guys name, who wouldnt marry rut?
  4. The workers responded to Boaz with Yevarchecha Hashem. How did Boaz greet them in the beginning?
  5. In the very first mention of Rut and Orpa in the Sefer, the Tanach doesnt give their names. How does the Tanach call them?
  6. VaTakam Hee VeKaloteiha who does that refer to? Whos Hee and whore Kaloteiha?
  7. Passuk alef in perek alef describes a family. What are the names of all the family members described in Passuk Alef?
  8. Why did Naomi finally decide to return to her home-town (in perek alef) and leave Moav?
  9. How many times did Naomi have to convince Orpa not to come until Orpa actually turned back?
  10. Who is called Moavia?
  11. Who wanted to be called Mara?
  12. Describe the process of Yibum/Geula.
  13. Who was called Gibor Chail?
  14. Who was called Eshet Chail?
  15. Vayelech Ish MiBet Lechem Yehuda who is that Ish?
  16. Consider the following background information: David Hamelech was made king by Shmuel, the last of the Shoftim.

Rashi says that the Megilla takes place in the time of the Shoftim. Prove his statement with a Passuk from the Sefer and explain it.

  1. What was the role of the Zkenim in Megillat Ruth?
  2. Why was Boaz happy with Ruth when she came to the Goren? What did he thank her for?
  3. What other woman was Ruth compared to when she married Boaz?
  4. What other couple were Ruth and Boaz compared to when they got married?
  5. Why did Rut have to leave the Goren before sunrise?
  6. According to what Boaz told her, where could Rut drink from while she was in the field?

Who said to who?

  1. ?
  2. '?
  3. ?
  4. ?
  5. ?
  6. ?
  7. ?
  8. ?
  9. ?
  10. ... ?
  11. ' ?
  12. ' ?
  13. ?

True of false:

  1. Elimelech and his family settled in the city of Moav.
  2. Naomi and Rut came to Bet Lechem at the end of the harvest.
  3. Naomi thanks Rut for her three chasadim that she did for her.
  4. Naomi and her family stayed in Moav exactly ten years.
  5. Naomi tried three times to persuade Rut to go back to her nation, and then she gave up.
  6. Rut collected wheat from many different fields throughout the harvest season.
  7. Rut had to wait two weeks before Boaz got around to settle her Geula at the Shaar.
  8. Boaz at first didnt agree that Rut will collect in his field.
  9. Naomi walked back from Moav with Rut and Orpa.
  10. Boaz gave Rut a very small piece of bread, but she was still satisfied and full from it.
  11. Elimelech was a hard-working businessman.
  12. Boaz was a descendant of Yehudah.
  13. Machlon and Chilyon died because they left Israel.
  14. Naomi asked to be called Mara after the whole city laughed at her misfortunes.
  15. Boaz was sleeping in the middle of the group of workers when Rut came to the storage house (the Goren).
  16. Boaz came to the Shaar to do business with the merchants there.
  17. Rut came to visit Boaz in the Goren very close to sunrise.

Fill in the blank

1. Machlon married _____ and Chilyon married ______.

2. In order to do Yibum, the Goel has to buy both the ______ and the deceaseds ______.

3. Boaz gave birth to ______ who gave birth to ______ who gave birth to David.

4. Rut ate her bread/Pita dipped in __________.


explain the significance of the place in the Sefer, and one major event that happened there.

  1. The Goren (the storage house)
  2. Sdei Moav
  3. Bet Lechem
  4. The Shaar (the entrance to the town)


  1. I collected wheat in the field. Rut

  2. I was the one who suffered G-ds wrath. Naomi

  3. I died before my own children. Elimelech

  4. I married a convert. Boaz

  5. I did not stick with my mother-in-law. Orpa

  6. Im the desecendant of a Moavia who converted. David

  7. People said I was Naomis son. Oved

  8. My wife became a woman of chesed following my death. Machlon

  9. We answered back to Boaz Yevarchecha Hashem. Workers

  10. I told Boaz who the new girl in the field was. Person in charge of workers
  11. We named Ruts son, and called him Naomis son. The neighbors
  12. Me and my brother died while we were in Moav. Chilyon


Match the clue to the right number in the Sefer. Example: the number of prakim in Megillat Rut 4.

1. The number of people in elimelechs family

2. The number of sons Rut in compared to after her marriage with Boaz by the Women.

3. the number of generations from Boaz to David (including both)

4. the number of people Boaz took to be Edim in the geula ceremony at the Shaar

5. the number of Shibolim Boaz gives to Rut after the night at the Goren

6. the number of years Naomi stayed in Moav

7. the number of people walking back from Moav when the Sefer starts.

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