The Rise Of Rome In Israel And Churban Bayit Sheini

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Resource Goal
Objective: This is a period of time so super infused with Jewish history that it is hard to find a main focal point. Unfortunately the chanichim are not going to want to sit through a three hour lecture about the rise of Christianity, the beautification of the Bayt HaMikdash and other important issues. Instead, we will focus our energy elsewhere. The reason behind the destruction of the Bayt Hamikdash- sinat chinam

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Materials: Chairs

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Written By: Toronto


Method: To play three different games with your chanichim and then have them guess what the three games have in common. This means you do not announce the topic of the peulah before you play, but rather wait until the games are over. Even if you dont get to all three games try to play at least two, and even if you do only one then they can still try to guess what was important to this game.

Game One: This is the game where everyone must line up in order of their birthdays without talking. The reason that this is done first is because it takes a very short amount of time and can only be played once so you will most probably get to game two. (with younger kids maybe have them line up according to month, while with older ones exact dates [you can but dont have to include year in a mixed group.])

Game Two: This is the game where everyone lines up at one wall each person on a chair, and has to get the whole team to the other side of the room without anyone ever touching the floor. (if you think your kids may go crazy with this game you can skip it!) If they are really slow you can help them out by telling them that they should keep passing up the chairs to the first person in line and then all move up. The younger kids can be given an extra chair to help them maneuver better. Chanichim can be divided up into teams for a competitive edge; the faster team wins! If you dont have enough chanichim to divide up you can "lie" and tell them when you were a chanich/a and played this game you were able to get across the room in ___________ time (depends on the size of the room).

Game Three: This is the game where everyone stands in a circle and then grabs hands of two different people across the circle. When everyone is joined up you will find it difficult to untangle yourselves and have to work together to do it.

Discussion Points/Conclusion: First ask your chanichim what these games had in common, when someone finally answers that you need teamwork in all of them say "right!" Then ask what would happen if you tried to play these games without team work. Discuss this idea for a bit. Then tell your chanichim a story:

"Once up on a time there was a group of hockey players. These hockey players did not get along at all. The forwards hated the defense and goalies while the goalie and defense hated the forwards. Although they were a team they did not work together at all! One day before the team was playing its fiercest rivals the team got into a huge argument about strategy. By the time the game stared the players were all so mad at each other. The team was loosing pretty badly and they would have to really pull together in the second half to win. Rather then pull together though, the goalie put a shot in, in his own net! The team lost."

Now ask your chanichim why they think you told them this story- if it never clicks that this is a metaphor for the destruction of the Bayt Hamikdash, you can tell them it is and explain how.

At the time the Romans ruled over Israel there were a few types of Jews in Israel- Zealots, Saducees, and Pharasees (there were also Essenes but they did not play a big role in the capture of Jerusalem). Zealots were those who wanted to rebel against the Romans. The Saducees were corrupt; they paid the Romans to gain the Kehuna, and disregarded the Torah She Baal Peh. The Pharasees were the "religious" Jews, the Rabbis in the Gemara were all Pharasees. These three groups did not get along well. When the Romans besieged Jerusalem, rather than work together they still fought. One group of Zealots even destroyed the store houses, causing the fall of the siege to occur even sooner than it had too. Now if your Chanichim are still listening you can give them a little mussar about achdut, or if your group fights often you can work that in too. Option three- head to the next section for a little history.


63 BCE- Roman invasion led by Pompei

Roman rule established with Jerusalem as Israels capitol. Herod is the ruler and was appointed by Rome.

20-Herod begins restoration of Bayt HaMikdash

Jesus born (he was an Essene)

6 CE- Development of Jewish resistance

crucifixion of Jesus

63- Bayt Hamikdash renovations completed

66-73- first Jewish revolt

70- Seige of Jerusalem for 134 days by Romans under Vespasian. Jerusalem falls and the second Bayt Hamikdash is then destroyed (on Tisha BeAv)

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Suitable for Shabbat

Suggested Age: Taf, Aleph, Zach

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