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Year to year, as the flag of independence is unfurled atop the pole, thenation of Israelis as one with a sacred tremor in memory of its fallen. On the day of remembrance of those who gave their utmost to defend the nation, all will come to sense the emotional quiet, allconflicts willcease and the daily routines will stop asAm Yisraelis enrobed in great sadness.

Amidst the military cemeteries, flowers will be placed on those graves of stone, and the families will be united with their loved ones. Yet, each and every day, for these bereft families, itis a day of remembrance -and the nightsoverflow with sadness and tears. The pain, though it may be not as searing with the passage of time-in truth, there is no truehealing. There on the wall, are the pictures and on the hearts, shreds of memory are etched in endless pain.

Should wesomehow wish tofind words of consolation, they are notadequately formed. We can but extend our armswith the warmth of anembrace.

Their beloved have fallen on the battlefields as they carried out the duties of Tzahal, in service to the nation and the state. On their young shoulders, the very security of Israel rested and through their brave sacrifice, they have established for us all a wall of strength.

With all our might, we shall strive to end the wars andmake true security withauthentic peace, a reality.

We shall treasure with abiding love,with painful gratitude, for eternity the memories of these fallen heroes.

From them, we shall draw inspiration with determination in our struggle for peace, and the symbol of their paths shall be for us an eternal guiding light.

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