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Resource Goal


To discuss the applicability of Torah Va'Avoda today and in spheres other than agriculture.  How is it practiced and why is it important?

Resource Contents


The philosophy of Torah V'Avoda  has been presented up to this point within the specific historical context of the need to rebuild Eretz Yisrael.   Today, after the basic reclamation of the land has been completed, the philosophy of Torah V'Avoda remains an important corner stone of religious Zionism and an essential component in  working towards the goal of Am Yisrael b'Eretz Yisrael, al pi Torat Yisrael.  The circumstances and specific objectives have changed over time but the basic goals and implementation of the philosophy remain the same.  Today, as in the past, the philosophy encompasses the aspects of contributing to the society in which one lives and self reliance, all within the context of the Torah.

In previous sichot the beliefs and accomplishments of the religious chalutzim were discussed.  In this sicha the objective is to discuss those beliefs as they apply to the world of today.  The challenges of reclaiming the land, which involved many people in agriculture, has been replaced by economic development and high-tech industries.  The struggle to form an independent Jewish State has been replaced by the defense and social needs of the State of Israel, while other work, such as aliya and absorption, has remained constant.  A life of Torah v'Avoda today may appear to be different than 60 years ago but it stems from the same roots and strives towards the same goals.


Fill out the enclosed form and discuss the changes that have occurred during the last 60 years. 

Discussion questions:

     What did the religious chalutzim believe in?

     What sort of work did they do 60 years ago?

     What sort of work would they do today to help Israel and Am Yisrael?

     Are the beliefs of the religious chalutzim still relevant today?  Will they be in the future?


Project TvA

Torah v'Avoda Today


Kvutza ________________________ Eda ___________       Tzrif ____________

Madrichim ________________________________________


What are the biggest challenges facing Israel:














In the past the religious chalutzim did work that was needed to help rebuild Eretz Yisrael and create the State of Israel.  What sort of work would they do today to help the State of Israel and Am Yisrael?

What jobs does Israel need people to do:
















Why is the idea of Torah v'Avoda still important today? __________________________


Is it important for a person to work and help the society that he lives in even if he doesn't need the money from the job? Why?  __________________________________________



List the names of the people who filled in the form  ___________________________________


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