Bnei Akiva Today And Tomorrow

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Resource Goal


To discuss the involvement of the chanich in Bnei Akiva today and in the future

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A unique  characteristic of the religious chalutzim was their commitment to affect change.  In discussing the importance of a chanich's involvement in Bnei Akiva we should stress this aspect of the religious chalutzim and relate it to the future.  The enclosed form asks for ways that the chanich/kvutza can make a difference.  This act of 'making a difference' should be presented as a continuation of the beliefs and actions of the religious chalutzim and Bnei Akiva members who have contributed and made a difference for over 60 years.


Fill out the enclosed form and discuss the importance of becoming involved and making a difference.

Project TvA

Bnei Akiva today and tomorrow


Kvutza ________________________ Eda ___________       Tzrif ____________

Madrichim ________________________________________


As a Bnei Akiva group what can we do to make a difference?

In our community








For Israel








For Jews in trouble around the world



















List the names of the people who filled in the form  _________________________________


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